I hope everyone will plan to join us for worship tomorrow at 9:30 am and 6 pm as the Choir & Band lead worship, and as the students share. It’s always a meaningful Sunday.

As I reflect upon the Mission Tour, I’m grateful to God for so many answered prayers. We had terrific ministry partners in The Well, Renovation Church, Buffalo Christian Center and the Frontier Baptist Association. Our students were busier and more engaged on a daily basis in mission work than in prior years, mainly because we all stayed busy. We ministered to well over 150 children and their families. In addition, our survey team collected close to 40 prospects that the Baptist Association will begin visiting this next week to prayerfully begin a new church in the Riverside Park area. This is truly significant, as we know that God’s plan to reach the world is through the local church! I am praying – and I ask you to join me – that soon we will learn of a vibrant congregation established and growing in west Buffalo as a result of this past week.

I am so proud of the how hard the students worked this past week. I am very pleased that I heard so little complaining during the long, hard days – whether it was the initial 28(!) hour bus ride, or the long 13 hour days some of our group had. This mission team demonstrated the most positive “can-do” attitude that I have ever seen in our group.

We are blessed not only with talented and committed students, but a great team of adult leaders. I was surrounded with mature believers who love the students and were fully committed to the mission. I was asked constantly, “What can I do to help?” The mission tour is largely a success due to the excellent support of our adults. Michelle Chapman thinks deeply and carefully through the logistics and always comes through with the resources, plans and solutions we need to be successful. More importantly, she is committed to missions, so her focus keeps us on track in terms of what is important and what isn’t. It is also always a great blessing to have Pastor Brent with us for the duration of the mission tour. His encouragement to me, and the opportunity to engage the students on a personal level, is invaluable.

I am looking forward to hearing the students sing tomorrow. Their singing is always infused with vitality in the context of all that they have experienced together.