We are Servants, Not Volunteers

I read an interesting and arresting sentence in a Missions Manual I’ve been studying in preparation for our mission tour. It simply said,

“We go as servants on short-term mission trips – not as volunteers. Volunteers can opt-out of responsibilities as they choose. We go to serve and to be servants for Christ – willing to do what must be done.”

Our attitude must reflect the spirit of Jesus when he instructed His disciples:

He sat down and summoned the Twelve. “So you want first place? Then take the last place. Be the servant of all.” Mark 9:35 – The Message

As we prepare for Philly, pray and ask God to give you a true servant’s heart as we go.

Students – please be listening to your songs EVERY DAY NOW!

Students and Sponsors – Review the LIFE CONVERSATIONS “Three Circles” Gospel Presentation and seek to learn how to share it! The video is on the last blog post – AND – there is a free smart-phone app you can use to practice with!


Friday, July 8

Arrive at DFW Airport at 5:00 AM! Please be on time.

United Airlines Flight  729  6:55 am arriving 9:25 am to Chicago O’Hare

United Airlines Flight  638  11:45 am depart Chicago – arriving 2:46 pm in Philadelphia

Friday, July 15

United Airlines Flight 1704 8:18 am depart Philadelphia arriving 9:35 am to Chicago O’Hare

United Airlines Flight 574 12:25 pm depart Chicago – arriving 2:55 pm at DFW

NOTE: Parents must provide transportation to and from DFW on July 8 and July 15