Missions Happening Now

Tuesday and Wednesday have been outstanding days of missions and ministry for all of our students. Each day we have had more and more opportunities to share Christ and to serve in His name. On Tuesday evening, several of our students shared their experiences and it was beautiful to hear them express all God is teaching and showing them as we learn to love people as God teaches us to love in His word.

We had an outstanding concert today at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore. This was an amazing place to share our music and worship with the residents. Here is a photo of the beautiful chapel at the mission:

Students visiting Door to Door in Federal Housing Projects advertising for Haven City Church.

Various work projects at three different churches are underway this week:

We had a blast visiting the famed National Aquarium together:

A HUGE shout-out to Sandra Morgan and Kim Barger who are preparing almost ALL of our meals this week. It’s amazing and we are so THANKFUL for them! Especially the Banana Pudding!