Sunday in Buffalo

We began with the day with two morning worship services at THE WELL. The students sang 5 songs in both services and heard a great message from Pastor Darrick about being on mission with God this week as we go out to serve. The choirs’ music was so well- received! The congregation was on their feet rejoicing, clapping, and singing along – even after I mentioned the Dallas Cowboys! (Not loved in Buffalo!)

Sandra Morgan, Kim Barger and their crew fed us a fantastic lunch after church, then we headed out to our four mission sites for planning, preparation and canvassing. As a reminder, these are the 4 projects we begin in the morning:

1. New Church Survey & Canvassing in NW Buffalo – led by Wade Longcrier for the Frontier Baptist Association

2. Vacation Bible School at Renovation Church, Buffalo

3. Kids Day Camp at Buffalo Christian Center

4. Mega Sports Camp @ The Well

We sang a concert at Amherst Baptist Church that was better attended than first expected! The area Baptist churches were invited and they were so appreciative of our music. We sang and prayed together for the events beginning tomorrow and they offered us a great deal of encouragement and support. Youth choirs have been on the decline in most churches for years, and the people here are so moved to see these students using their God-given talents in such a positive way. The comments we received tonight were another reminder that we must remain grateful to God for the rich tradition in student music missions that we have been entrusted with… It is a unique blessing both within our church and also to many others we have ministered to across the years.

We are headed to bed to get ready for four days of mission projects ahead. We appreciate your prayers tonight and tomorrow! The students are really tired, as is expected. These trips are no vacation – we are on task from early in the morning until at least 9 pm each night. They take a toll on all of us physically. I talked with the students tonight about the importance of “pushing past” that feeling to always give our best, and also – making sure we all get adequate sleep to be ready for the new day. Pray specifically that we will be strong as the week begins tomorrow.

Check back here Monday evening to find some photos and videos from the tour, but here’s a great shot of Pastor Brent and Allan Clayton doing their part in the kitchen to was dishes after lunch today. We have an awesome team of adults and are so blessed to have our Pastor with us!


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