We began this morning at 7 am by walking to the Metro station to ride, and then walk, to the US Capitol. We arrived just after 8:00 and waited until they opened at 8:30. The first thing that strikes you, besides the beauty of the buildings in DC, is the extraordinary security measures all around DC. Our world has changed a lot, it seems to me, since 9/11/01, and doesn’t seem to be lessening in intensity as we might have thought or hoped.

Following the Capitol tour, we headed to the inner-city neighborhood of Richardson Dwellings from 11:30 am until 6 pm for an outdoor block party called “Clay Day” – the parking lot is situated near Clay St. We provided the food as well as the sound equipment for various Christian rap and rock groups that came from the neighborhood to play music. It would have been impossible for Clay Day to happen without the support of our food crew and tech team – so that was ministry in itself.

The weather was just, well, truly uncomfortable!! Hot and humid and direct sunlight for hours with lots of physical tasks to get done. But our students laughed about it and made the best of a tough day. It was inspiring to hear the testimonies of some of the music artists who came out of gangs and drug addiction to follow Christ and serve Him. It was also great to see so many of our students engage with the children – many of whom were unattended by any parents or adults all day. These young kids need us to show them Jesus this week. The students have all received a small New Testament they have been challenged to give away this week, and we had a student giver hers to one of the children we met today.

WE presented only about 20 minutes of music at the end of the day because everyone was so spent and physically exhausted. We are resting now and looking forward to a GREAT Sunday with two concerts, and the US Holocaust Museum. Keep praying!!!

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