Pressing On

Tuesday was a fantastic day of ministry. Our canvassing teams were able to knock on hundreds of doors in Spearfish, inviting them to the two block parties we held, as well as the church’s upcoming VBS week.

Connection Church registered over 200 people at the block parties that they can now follow-up on the coming weeks.

Our students are working hard and working so well together – they are doing an OUTSTANDING job. Today, we have the challenge to accomplish the same tasks in two new cities – Deadwood and Belle Fourche. Connection Church has a strong work already established in Belle Fourche, and is seeking to start a church in Deadwood.

Deadwood is a difficult area with a history as another “sin city” – not just in a mythical, or “old west legend” sense but in real terms still today. The homes are built on the sides of the hills and mountains, so the canvassing teams will have a challenge as they walk up and down the narrow and steep streets.

Pray for us to “finish strong” as our work extends from 9 am – 9 pm today, then an EARLY departure tomorrow morning for the 18 hour plus ride home.

Pastor Brent reminded us yesterday that our efforts could still be reaping rewards for the Kingdom decades from now as these new churches are established. This is the most important work we could be doing as God’s plan to reach the world is through the local church.

We hope to post links to lots of pictures soon – there are already many on Facebook. Here is a photo from last night’s Senior led prayer service. It was a great ending to a great day!


One thought on “Pressing On

  1. I am so very glad of what the Lord has done in this area through the ministry of the HS Choir, Living Proof. YOU were the right people at the right time…..which is God’s time. I pray that this rich experience will remain with you all the days of your lives. To God be the glory.

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