A Strong Finish

We are so grateful to God for a great final day and night serving Connection Church. Because of their strategy, we know that the efforts we have made this week will have lasting results as the Spearfish church grows and as new congregations are formed. They have an outstanding staff team and are committed to sharing the Gospel and growing God’s church one person at a time.

Our students were FANTASTIC the entire trip! They have worked so hard and been positive, upbeat and encouraging to all they interacted with. We look forward to sharing with you on Sunday.

Things to Remember:

We leave at 7 am Dallas time on Thursday. We should arrive home around 3 am Friday. (Hopefully sooner!) You can track the bus through GPS at this link and know exactly when we are close to FBCC!

Living Proof leads worship Sunday morning. Please have them in the Worship Center at 8:30 am in the Aqua T-Shirt and jeans. The Home Concert is Sunday at 5 pm. It’s going to be a fun and upbeat time! Invite friends and family to join us!

As soon as we can, we will be posting links to pictures from the church. We will also be having video presentations on Sunday as well that will be available online early next week.

Below is a picture with Pastor Doug Hixson and his summer ministry team that includes college students and retirees who have given their entire summer to serve Connection Church. Mission teams arrive each week and they do an outstanding job leading the effort. We are SO BLESSED to have partnered with them.


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