Terrific Tuesday

We began the morning with a debrief from Pastor Chris about Monday’s canvassing efforts. We discovered 80 prospects for Vertical Church to follow up with over the summer. He is thrilled with this result! We will be back at it tomorrow.

We shared a concert at the large and beautiful Alberta Children’s Hospital at 11 am. It was so appreciated! The people really enjoyed our Texas Medley – and requested an encore. They have also enjoyed hearing us sing Alberta Bound – which is becoming more meaningful to us as we fall in love with this beautiful nation.

The hospital staff had requested that we not sing any religious music, but we “bent” the rules just a bit and ended the concert with songs of praise – it was not a problem – the Lord gave us favor with the staff and audience.

We spent the afternoon assisting the Family Resource Center of the Calgary Salvation Army by preparing materials for VBS, canvassing the neighborhoods with flyers for a big outreach event coming soon, and doing yard and grounds maintenance for their facility. The students did a great job and finished our tasks a little early.

Pastor Chris took us out into a remote mountain campsite for an open fire cookout tonight. The weather and scenery were incredibly beautiful – you will be seeing tons of photos from tonight on social media – I promise! It was one of the most unique and fun evenings we’ve ever had together during mission tour.

There are no concerts on our schedule tomorrow – more canvassing and a night out for the Senior class! 

Two concerts await on Thursday – one in a very busy downtown Calgary eating and shopping area during the “lunch rush”. Please pray for good weather. The second concert is for a local Senior Care center. 

We thank God for the good health, beautiful weather, great attitudes and strong ministry He is giving us this week. To God Be the Glory! 

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