A Smooth Start

It was a bit surreal leaving home in the midst of the tragedy of the police shooting in downtown Dallas. However – God was gracious in that everything at DFW Airport and Chicago O’Hare went smoothly and we have been on time the whole way with no problems. All of our buses and trucks arrived safely and without incident as well. 

After arriving at our hotel and having about an hour to get settled, we had pizza in the lobby and then headed out for a walking tour with Pastor Brent of the historical sights in downtown Philly. Everyone was tired and ready to sleep after the 5 am start to the day. (Well 3 or 4 am actually).

An unusual part of the day for me was coordinating with the Pastor and the staff back home to plan a whole new worship service in light of the events in Dallas. I urge everyone at home to be at church Sunday as we come together to seek the Lord and pray for our community and nation.

Today’s plans include: The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Visitors Center. We then travel to the Amish country for our first two concerts as well as the musical SAMSON at Sight and Sound Theaters in Lancaster, PA.

We are excited to get going!

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