Busy Work Day ends in Chinatown

Our many work projects continued in earnest on Tuesday. We have some aggressive goals set in order to be finished with the painting and construction projects by the end of the day Thursday. Please pray we make it! The students are doing such a great job and are working hard. 

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours exploring Chinatown and sang an hour plus concert on the main square at 4 pm. It was a beautiful afternoon and many locals and tourists stayed to listen. There is a continuous theme throughout the concert that Jesus can set people free – He breaks the chains of sin and death and offers us a new life of freedom and forgiveness in Him, through the Cross. There are many in spiritual bondage to sin in San Francisco – just like there are at home. It’s a joy to sing of hope, freedom and forgiveness that only Christ can bring. 

Today we continue with the work projects and have another concert at 4 pm at the Peace Plaza in Japantown. It will be another great opportunity to lift the name of Jesus high and connect with people.

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