The Least of These

Wednesday and Thursday are days where we have a focus on serving the poor and “the least of these” as Jesus commands us. On Wednesday, two teams served at different outposts of The Salvation Army either distributing food, or serving meals.

The food distribution team broke the one-day record for the facility as they distributed food to 325 people. Those serving meals were able to serve 282 people in a very depressed and difficult section of Vancouver. It was an eye-opening experience.

Today – Thursday – many of us will work at the Vancouver Food Bank.

The painting and landscaping work continued at a rapid pace, and we hope to complete some projects today as we finish up. It has made quite a difference and the students have done an outstanding job!

Our final concert in Vancouver was at a beautiful and busy spot downtown on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. We had strong attendance to hear the music and the message. Believers who we met there commented on how unusual – and refreshing – it was to hear the name of Jesus lifted high in the public square in their city. They were very appreciative and encouraged.

We have one more full day of mission work on Thursday, followed by the beach and some free time this evening before packing up to leave the hotel EARLY (4:15 am!) on Friday morning. We look forward to sharing with you all on Sunday at 9:15 am at the Josey Campus!

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