Missions & Monuments

Last night, we saw God answer two big prayers regarding the weather. A rain storm moved in that lowered the temperatures by about 20 degrees in 15 minutes, just before our 7 pm concert. That was a huge relief as the heat and humidity has been STIFLING . . . but then, we needed God to hold off the rain until the concert was over – and He did! We had a great time singing God’s praises in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool. Many people stopped to listen, and were all very appreciative, including a congressman from North Carolina!

Today, our mission work with inner-city children in Days Camps and VBS began @ four sites: Alaphia Baptist Church, Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church, Richardson Dwellings Housing Complex and Overland Park Housing Complex. These are not easy assignments – these children all come from very difficult circumstances and are rather undisciplined, making the teaching and structured time a big challenge. We are all being stretched to meet this challenge this week -so pray for us. Pray that the students would step up and engage the kids and not lay back and wait . . . that’s always an issue early in the week.

We are excited about our next concert at 5 pm today near the Capitol and Union Station, as well as the “Monuments by Moonlight” Tour we will take this evening – this is sure to be a highlight of the trip as we see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, MLK Memorial, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam Memorial and the sculpture commemorating the raising of the US Flag at Iwo Jima.

God has shown us so much favor – we are blessed. Despite working really hard and being very tired from the heat and the work – we know that He has so much more for us that we do not want to miss!

One thought on “Missions & Monuments

  1. I look forward to your daily updates and continue to pray for all those on the mission trip to accomplish God’s purpose for any individual the students come in contact. Have a great week everyone!

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