We began our mission site work on Monday. It was tough – as expected – but as the students shared, it was obvious that our mission is needed this week. Ultimately, the cycle of poverty and poor life choices that these children are living in can only be truly changed by God. We are seeking to show the kids love and in hope in Jesus Christ through time, attention, encouragement, and testimony.

We headed to Upper Senate Park, between Union Station and the Capitol, to present a concert at 5 pm. We had arranged the event, as required, with the US Capitol Police and were told that we had electricity at the site. While we did find the power supply, it never came on! ARGH! We had to strike all the equipment and make other plans. This resulted in us singing an impromptu medley of MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE, AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL, and BATTLE HYMN in the massive and beautiful Union Station. Security promptly came to tell us we had to stop because the performance was not pre-approved, but the people who came to listen loved it and the students sounded great.

We repeated this a cappella performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – which was an awesome experience. This was easily our largest crowd this week to hear us declare HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON. The Monuments by Moonlight Tour was so inspirational – ask your students about it! As we gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Pastor Brent exhorted us to emulate three important characteristics of the three Presidential monuments in our view: Washington-Character, Jefferson-Vision, Lincoln-Magnanimity. As Christians, we should emulate the character of Christ. We should have a God-sized vision for our lives and seek to encourage these at-risk children to have a vision for their lives as well. Finally, we should live above and beyond ourselves and selfish pursuits in a magnanimous way – seeking, as Jesus said, not to be served, but to serve others.

Pray for us as Day 2 of the Mission sites unfold. We look forward to being at the museums of the Smithsonian Institution this afternoon and evening.


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