Giving Our Best

We are about to begin our final day of missions work here in DC, with our last concert here tonight at a community block party for Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church. The last two days we have been working hard at the four sites. The work is both challenging and rewarding. On the one hand, we have LOTS of high energy “street-wise” kids we are trying to “break through” with, and it can be frustrating. On the other, there are some sweet relationships forming with the younger kids who cry each day our students leave – they are obviously starved for love and attention.

Our students are gaining a new perspective on the realities of urban life and the results of poor choices for generations. I am so proud of how they are handling their responsibilities each day – they are energetic, bold, loving and responsible. I am honored to work with them!

The last two evenings we have met with our Congressman, Kenny Marchant, toured the Smithsonian, the Ford’s Theater. Our seniors enjoyed their special senior dinner at the National Harbor. We have actually been running three trips at once this week: a choir tour, a mission trip, and sightseeing DC. I promise – the students are in information and emotional overload – but very happy and upbeat!

I hope you will join us for worship Sunday AM and for the Home Concert Sunday at 6 pm!


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