On Mission

  Today (Tuesday) and yesterday, we held our Vacation Bible School and Kids Camp at two inner-city churches in the inner-city of Philadelphia. We are teaching children who come from very difficult circumstances. Our goals are to show them the love of Jesus and share the Gospel with them. We have been able to do both! We have already had some children pray to receive Christ. We have – as of today – around 60 kids total in attendance. Our students are doing a PHENOMENAL job!

Monday highlights included the Reading Terminal Market for lunch and the famous “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was amused how much the kids were into it since the movie was released YEARS before they were born!

Today’s concert at Independence Mall had to be cancelled as we kept experiencing power failure, which was disappointing. However – tomorrow we have two indoor concerts – Salvation Army and Agape International Church (Liberian Baptists). The next two days are long and intense as we move toward the conclusion of our trip. The busiest and most significant days are upon us. We covet your prayers.

Finally – we were huddled around our phones at 2 pm Eastern to watch the Memorial Service for the Dallas Police killed last Thursday evening. It was moving for us watching from across the country. This will be a memorable week for years to come  – ministering and being together on the heels of this momentous week in Dallas and our nation. In many ways – we are in “the thick” of the battle in the inner-city as we work with African-American pastors who deal with these issues daily. Pastor Joseph reminded us on Sunday that we are all made in the image of God,all descendants of Adam – and really – there is only one race – the human race. What matters most is whether we belong to Jesus or not – Christ is all – we must find our identity in Him! 

One thought on “On Mission

  1. Father in heaven, empower this team with your Holy Spirit. Let you love radiate in all they do. Please work out all the logistics for the trip, anoint their singing, and keep them well and safe. In Jesus’ name!

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