Light and Heat on Saturday

We had the opportunity to share the light of Christ in our music today, as well sing of the dawn’s early light in Baltimore. And it was a HOT, STEAMY DAY!

The students persevered outside in spite of the heat. We sang at the Inner Harbor downtown from 11:30-12:30. We were hopeful for a big crowd, but the heat and humidity kept many away. However, the folks we sang for were very encouraging and were a blessing to us. An unexpected ministry opportunity was giving extra food we had with us to some of the homeless who gather at the harbor.

It’s always exciting to lift the name of Jesus and offer songs of worship in the public arena.

Our second singing opportunity came at Ft. McHenry where we were privileged to sing our national anthem at the flag-changing ceremony at the end of the day. What an honor! I don’t think the students will ever sing or hear The Star Spangled Banner again without thinking of the history we learned today of the battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the patriotic poem that was adopted as our national anthem in 1931. Most of us don’t know much at all about the War of 1812 and the history surrounding the anthem. It was a great educational experience for us and quite an inspiring experience.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we sing and worship at the Freedom Church – Windsor Mill. This is our “host church” providing kitchen and dining space this week as well as the Sports Camp we will host for neighborhood kids as an outreach for the church.

Sunday afternoon is preparing and canvassing for our mission sites that begin Monday, and then it’s on to DC for dinner and “Monuments by Moonlight” as we enjoy the beauty and majesty of our nation’s capitol and give thanks to God for our freedoms. Sunday is a LONG day . . . Pray for us!

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